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FaithActs recognises that marriage, wedding planning and preparation are really IMPORTANT.

FaithActs Marriage Preparation Course seeks to help couple prepare for a fulfilling and fruitful life-long marriage.... beyond the wedding ceremony.

We equip couples with necessary skills and knowledge to deal with the challenges they face in their journey of marriage.

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We aim to achieve the following through our programmes: 

  • To educate families and challenge them to share their knowledge and understanding with other families. 
  • To enhance the functioning of families through fulfilling the developmental tasks at different stages of the family life cycle.
  • To empower families to function positively as a unit and to work towards self-sufficiency.

Through this process, we want to enable families to be the champion for family life in their community.

This is achieved by equipping individuals and families with the knowledge and skills to cope with the changing roles and demands in life.

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FaithActs, in partnership with West Legal Clinic, seeks to provide free basic legal advice and information to the community and individuals where participants will be able to consult a qualified lawyer on a one-to-one basis in a 20-minute session on matters where they are not represented by a lawyer. 

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FaithActs in partnership with Eden Law Corporation (an affiliate of Practice Forte Advisory) is giving a talk on Writing of Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Essential legal documents that many of us would ignore at times because of the belief that it will be costly or difficult, that it is unnecessary for various reasons. 

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