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Desmond's Story

I joined FaithActs community care service when I was 13 years old. My parents enrolled me in the tuition programme to improve my studies. I would hang out at the Youth Hub after school, spending time with my friends and participating in the activities there. My fondest memory was the annual FaithActs Youth Camp where I learned what ‘teamwork’ meant; gaining new experiences and having a lot of fun. 

All these programmes and activities were a form of escape for me. My family was so poor that the electricity would be cut off whenever we couldn’t afford to pay the bills. My parents only had PSLE qualifications. My youngest brother is mentally challenged. They did their best to improve our family situation, but, was difficult since my father is a hoarder and the house is always cluttered. Living in such state, FaithActs was really the obvious choice for me to get away from my family. 

Sometimes, I wonder how my life would have turned out in better circumstances. Reflecting, I realised I would have missed out on many life lessons. I have learnt the value of hard work as I had to work part-time at the age of 13 so as to provide for my own meals and school fees. I learnt not to give up. I learnt education goes a long way in breaking out of the poverty cycle. I learnt that strong relationships are essential for our life journey.

The reason I am still proudly associated with FaithActs is because of the support from the staff and the friendships forged. I have known them for 15 years by now and they have seen me through my ups and downs. From supporting me financially through bursaries and scholarships during my long academic journey from N(T) level to ITE, to Polytechnic and graduating from NTU, they have journeyed with me emotionally during the tough times. 

These words have been a source of encouragement for me and I would like to share them with others…

“Light always shines brightest in the darkest times. Be hopeful, don’t give up and don’t do it alone.”


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