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FaithActs Bursary Awards seeks to assist needy full-time students presently studying, there are to:

- Provide financial assistance to students from low-income families to purchase educational materials
- Complement the role and function of the Ministry of Education (MOE)'s financial assistance scheme for the needy students
- Motivate beneficiary of the award to strive for greater achievements benefiting themselves and the community


Award Details

FaithActs Bursary Awards hopes to assist full time students from low income families in part of the educational expenses during their course of studies. 

The Bursary is open to students aged 7 - 25 years old.

Please refer to the Bursary Information sheet for more details.




Application Date

Applications start from Sunday 1 July 2018 to Friday 24 August 2018.

Application forms are available from FaithActs office at Block 50 Commonwealth Drive #01-506 S142050.

Or download the forms - 

  1. FaithActs Bursary Awards Application Form
  2. Bursary Membership Application Form
  3. Bursary Information Sheet


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities are currently unavailable at the moment




For more information on Bursary Awards
Please contact: Goh Siong Chu
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 6339 7611