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“Ibasho means “a place where you can feel like yourself” in Japanese. At Ibasho we believe this is what every person should have as they age – a place to live in safety, comfort and dignity, where he or she is valued as a person full of history and experience.”

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Ibasho Principles

1. Older people are a valuable asset to the community (elder wisdom)
In modern society, the elderly are often considered to be a burden, as people needing to be looked after and taken care of. However, the elders’ wealth of wisdom is something to be valued and treasured. Ibasho believes in a society where the elderly can contribute to the society with confidence and are leaned on and valued.
“Ibasho does not strive for immediate perfection. It is adaptive and flexible in working with life, as life is forever changing. Each community has its own path to balance and perfection. Ibasho believes in the possibility of change. With time, with people, Ibasho will gently embrace imperfection.”

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