Beyond 2000 km in 60 days

Journey With FaithActs!

Pioneered by Alan & Winson

We and a group of enthusiastic runners would like to do our part for FaithActs. We aim to raise $20,000 in support of their programmes and services which meet community needs and alleviate social problems.

Our group aims to run a total of 2000km within 60 days. Do join us in this effort to raise funds for FaithActs through your kind donations.  No amount is too small to make a difference. Together we can make this truly a season of giving.



Join Us!

In line with NVPC Giving week (1 to 7 December 2021), join in and be a participant of the fundraising campaign to raise funds for FaithActs programmes and services.

Follow these simple steps to track your distance covered!

  1. Join our Facebook group
  2. Walk OR Run from TODAY to 31st January 2022 as an individual or as a group.
  3. Take a screen shot of the distance you have clocked (share a fun picture for the collective experience!)
  4. Send us your own or group’s photo and the distance clocked to the Facebook message

It is worth going the distance! Life is for participating and let’s make a difference together.

Thank You and we look forward to receiving your entries and you can submit more than once!


Make A Difference Together!
Distance Covered

Date Distance
1 Dec 108.72km
2 Dec 62.07km
3 Dec 157.41km
4 Dec 122.95km
5 Dec 128.07km
6 Dec 174.79km
7 Dec 114.52km
8 Dec 106.45km
9 Dec 191.53km
10 Dec 89km
11 Dec 193.04km
12 Dec 137.13km
13 Dec 75.71km
14 Dec 148.51km
15 Dec 106.64km
16 Dec 157.69km
17 Dec 73.48km
18 Dec 138.78km
19 Dec 112.33km
20 Dec 128.37km
21 Dec 136.84km
22 Dec 66.23km
23 Dec 46.7km
24 Dec 110.85km
25 Dec 123.88km
26 Dec 42.62km
27 Dec 121.22km
28 Dec 115.85km
29 Dec 73.89km
30 Dec 89.2km
31 Dec 97.01km
1 Jan 116.67km
2 Jan 102.76km
3 Jan 81.47km
4 Jan 306.16km
5 Jan 54.25km
6 Jan 67.47km
7 Jan 54.85km
8 Jan 167.32km
9 Jan 74.1km
10 Jan 87.82km
11 Jan 128.59km
12 Jan 104.07km
13 Jan 67.38km
14 Jan 101.51km
15 Jan 86.36km
16 Jan 198km
Total 5350.26km



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UEN: T04SS0050J Charity / IPC Regn No. 01824/000582


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