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FaithActs Volunteer Services



Each tutor will coach up to two students so as to provide the personal attention to observe the students’ academic, social and emotional needs.  By better understanding, the student’s learning ability and coping skills, the student will be able to learn according to his/her ability.  The tutor will monitor the student’s behaviour and academic progress to work with the staff and the parents. The weaker students will be identified for other intervention measures.

We desire to see every youth’s life being transformed through having a positive mindset and taking ownership of their studies.

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FaithActs Youth Hub is a safe, cosy and vibrant place where youths could hang out for self-expression and positive pre-occupation with meaningful activities.  The youths are engaged in activities which provide them with the opportunities to learn values and life skills.

Youths are empowered to have a sense of ownership towards the HUB as we inculcate communal responsibility and social graces for our environment and members. 

In the Youth Hub, youths encountered positive influences through relationship building with adult mentors and role models.  

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Youths are taught different forms of culinary cuisines and the method/s of preparation.  It also educates children to bond with their family through chores or preparation of simple meals to appreciate their family.

There is a theme for every month where children will prepare a dish in accordance to the selected theme.  Children in the programme will also have the opportunity to visit hotels or restaurants’ kitchen to have a first-hand experience on how commercial kitchens operates.     

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The Soccer Academy is a platform for our Youth Worker to teach the youths about teamwork, responsibility and social values.  

Youths are trained by Certified Soccer Coach. Their technical skills are honed and the programme also incorporates other life skills and social graces. We believe in grooming athletes who are good in the sport to be leaders who contribute back to the community.

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A team of passionate and professional volunteers will help to develop the curriculum and guide the children through each session. There will be a pre-and-post assessment of the children to monitor the progress of each child.  

The programme also helps us to identify children who may have special learning needs so that early intervention measures can be taken to help them in their education in the future.

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Volunteers helping out would be in the specialized and supervised exercise programme with the seniors, guiding them to work on different equipment that strengthen their limbs. The seniors are closely monitored for their progress and those who have shown improvement in their mobility will be promoted to join the group exercise.

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Grey Matters provide education on skill-based talks and training conducted by professionals to enhance the seniors’ knowledge on their social and self-care needs.  The various talks also aim to develop their potential, upgrade their knowledge and abilities, build their self-confidence and encourage participation in the society. 

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